Trinity Sunday


As we focus our attention to Trinity Sunday, talking about the theology of the Trinity moves into the realm of some of the most beautiful and most difficult theology we can approach as believers. 

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Ascension Day


When Peter is writing to the churches in Asia Minor there is great persecution happening to them because of their Faith.  The point of his letter is to encourage them to remember the hope they have

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Temptation vs. Trial


As Christians, we will face trials, just like we talked about last week. Right before this passage, James talks about our faith being refined through the trials and hardships. But now, in verse 13, he starts

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Peace Be Unto you.


In this first Sunday after easter we pick up where the story left off last week.  We saw the women discovering the empty tomb, later we learn they saw the risen Lord and brought Peter and

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Easter Sunday Sermon – 2024


When Mary and the other women went to the tomb there were many surprises and much fear. What can we learn new about ourselves and God from this age old Easter story. A lot!

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