A House of Prayer for All

Mariners’ Church of Detroit was founded in 1842 by Julia Ann Anderson, at a time when Michigan had only been a state for five years. The church was created as a non-denominational, independent parish with a focus on providing a free place of worship for sailors. Originally at the foot of Woodward Avenue, Mariners’ moved its building to its current location in 1955. Mariners’ has long served the Detroit community in a variety of ways, including two Sunday services, a noon-time Thursday service, Sunday School, weekly Bible studies, and several outreach programs for the community. Mariners’ parishioners come from varied Christian backgrounds, yet all come together to worship Jesus Christ at this “House of Prayer for All People.”

Our services follow the ‘Anglican’ tradition, which is a continuation of historic Christianity from the British Isles. Although we follow the Anglican tradition for worship, there is no requirement to be (or become) an Anglican to be a member of Mariners’ Church.

Anglican Tradition 101

What is the Anglican Tradition?

About 500 years ago, the Church of England underwent reforms of its Roman Catholic customs. The worship of the Anglican tradition is a “middle way” – Catholic in its roots, and incorporating some aspects of the Protestant Reformation.

What is liturgical worship?

The word “liturgy” simply means “work of the people.” This is why we speak of “services” of worship. Worship is our service to God.  In an Anglican service, there is a distinct outline for worship that uses historical prayers, statements and a pattern of Bible readings. To those unfamiliar with such a form, this can feel strange or disingenuine, as the service content is fairly pre-determined. The intent is to provide us with expressive, reverent words to speak to our God when we feel inadequate and at a loss of what to say. Praying these prayers and reciting this faith-centered content aloud together also helps us communally speak as one to our God. The Anglican liturgy is found in The Book of Common Prayer.

What is The Book of Common Prayer?

500 years ago, in Roman Catholic England, worship was conducted in Latin, and there was some variety in worship from church to church. Many people couldn’t understand and didn’t know what to expect in their worship. The major reform of the time, that still defines Anglican worship to this day is using The Book of Common Prayer – a book in English, that established a tradition of worship common to all the churches in England and the Anglican Churches beyond her shores.

More On Anglican Tradition

Your Mariners’ Leaders

To get in touch with one of the Mariners’ leaders, contact the church office at info@MarinersChurchofDetroit.org or (313)-259-2206.

An Anglican Approach to Jesus – Let’s Talk!

For more FAQs around the Anglican tradition, see our  ‘Anglican Tradition 101’ page. Afterwards, email or call any of the leaders above to setup 1-on-1 time with a member of the clergy at Mariners’ and talk about your background and interest in the Anglican Tradition or Mariners’ Church.
We look forward to it!