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“Thank you, Miggy!”


“Thank you, Miggy!”Last week I started a series on the De-churched based on a book called “The Great De-churching”. We talked about how 40 million people in the US have stoped going to church in the

“Thank you, Miggy!”2023-10-03T12:20:36-04:00

How to Reverse the “Great De-Churching”


How to Reverse the “Great De-Churching” I read some alarming data about the Church in America this month.  In the 2023 book, “The Great De-Churching”, authors conducted new research and discovered some sobering data about parishioners

How to Reverse the “Great De-Churching”2023-09-28T17:14:53-04:00

The Secret to Abiding in His Grace


The Secret to Abiding in His Grace We have had a new mother staying with us this month in our guest room.  This family has provided a lot of wonder as we have watched her babies

The Secret to Abiding in His Grace2023-09-15T12:06:30-04:00

A Word of Thanksgiving


A Word of Thanksgiving As we reach the end of Summer and beginning of Fall, we want to pause a minute and examine what this season has been like. We like to look back and see

A Word of Thanksgiving2023-09-12T11:33:42-04:00

The Book of Common Prayer


The Book of Common Prayer Our last three letters on prayer focused on bringing us deeper into a practice of prayer from the heart, (if you haven’t read those, please go to our website, and click

The Book of Common Prayer2023-09-01T21:21:04-04:00

The Heartbeat of Intimacy: Surrender 


The Heartbeat of Intimacy: Surrender Last week I shared a personal note about my first date with my wife. Most people are encouraged when they hear the whole story about how God brought us together and

The Heartbeat of Intimacy: Surrender 2023-08-25T07:45:00-04:00