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Jesus Tempted in the Desert – Matt 4


We had some technical difficulty with the sermon video this week, so here is the text of the sermon: Jesus Tempted in the Desert As most of you know, my wife is my partner in ministry

Jesus Tempted in the Desert – Matt 42024-02-19T09:34:15-05:00

Let me introduce you to…


Let me introduce you to… I love introducing people I admire to each other. Have you ever had the experience when two people, perhaps from different parts of your life, are in the same place and

Let me introduce you to…2024-02-19T09:18:05-05:00

When Valentine’s Day meets Ash Wednesday 


When Valentine’s Day meets Ash Wednesday  This year two seemingly diametrically opposed holidays share the same date of Feb 14. Although Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday appear to contain competing attitudes and emotions, I want to

When Valentine’s Day meets Ash Wednesday 2024-02-15T10:53:03-05:00

Doing Lent Together


Doing Lent Together I want to share with you an opportunity during the Lenten season that gives me great excitement!  Lent starts on February 14th with Ash Wednesday.  Whether you are in snowy Detroit, ‘wintering in

Doing Lent Together2024-02-05T15:44:08-05:00

The Water to Wine Miracle


Today we have a familiar story in our Gospel reading, both to us church goers, but also to culture in general; Jesus turning Water to Wine.  The story itself is simple and spectacular enough, but this

The Water to Wine Miracle2024-01-22T18:25:26-05:00

What Did He Mean by That?


What did he mean by that? Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they say something that makes you think later, “What did he mean by that?”.  Perhaps it was a little ‘throw

What Did He Mean by That?2024-01-20T08:07:08-05:00

A Renewed Mind


A Renewed Mind Neuroplasticity is a fascinating field. It refers to our nervous system’s ability to change, throughout life, in response to internal and external stimuli. Researchers have been studying for years how our brains develop

A Renewed Mind2024-01-12T11:44:22-05:00