Epiphany – The Wisdom of the Magi


Today we are celebrating the Epiphany, meaning “appearance”.  We remember and celebrate the appearance of Jesus through a star to the Magi.  These foreigners, which St. Bernard of Clairvaux calls, the firstfruits of the Gentiles, are

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The Tolling of the Bell


We remembered all those lost at sea in our Great Lakes Memorial Service. Here is the tolling of the bell for all hands lost, with the addition of Gordon Lightfoot, who died on May 1 this

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The Freedom of Giving Forgiveness


Our scripture today is a hard one.  Most of it is pretty easy to understand, but the application can be some of the most difficult in the Bible.  The topic is forgiveness.  

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Taking Jesus at His Word


Today we are going to look at our Gospel reading and the story of Jesus healing a Nobleman’s son. It’s one of the few instances in scripture where Jesus heals from a distance.  (Audio only due

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Wisdom and Joy – Eph. 5:15-21 – Rev. Todd Meyer


Today, our scripture continues with another passage from Ephesians that’s known for being a call to “walk in love”. It gives us more insight into spirit transformation.  Again, not focusing on the bad behavior, but on

Wisdom and Joy – Eph. 5:15-21 – Rev. Todd Meyer2023-10-23T11:35:49-04:00