The Deep Work of the Holy Spirit


The Deep Work of the Holy Spirit This week I walked into the sanctuary on Monday and things were different. The carpet in the sanctuary was being removed from the aisles and they were starting to

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Ascension Day


When Peter is writing to the churches in Asia Minor there is great persecution happening to them because of their Faith.  The point of his letter is to encourage them to remember the hope they have

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You will be my Witnesses


“You will be my witnesses” These are part of Christ’s last words to his disciples before he ascends to the Father.  Last words are important.  What someone who loves you says right before leaving you gives

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Ascension Day


Ascension DayThis coming Thursday marks Ascension Day in the Church calendar. It is often neglected day in the church in general, but we celebrate faithfully and will be celebrating it May 12, along with Mother’s day.As

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Temptation vs. Trial


As Christians, we will face trials, just like we talked about last week. Right before this passage, James talks about our faith being refined through the trials and hardships. But now, in verse 13, he starts

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The Draft in Pictures


The Draft in Pictures This week is a little different email. It’s been (and still is) a very busy weekend in downtown Detroit, as you all know.  We thought we would just give you a pictorial

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The Heart of it All


  The Heart of it All One of the many unique things about Mariners’ Church is the fact it is situated in the heart of all that goes on in Detroit.  Every year we have concerts,

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Mariners’ Church Press Release for NFL Draft


Mariners’ Church: Say a Prayer for Football  Detroit, Michigan, April 15, 2024 - Perhaps one of the most prayerful times of the week, other than Sunday morning, is Sunday afternoon during football season when a fan’s

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The Heavens Declare His Glory


The Heavens Declare His Glory This week we saw an incredible and rare cosmic event.  The solar eclipse fascinated so many, there were traffic jams on the way to the path of totality. I know some

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