“Twice and Thrice”

This week we have a guest post from renowned poet and Mariners’ Church parishioner Cindy Erlandson. This past Sunday, we commemorated the feast day of St. Peter the Apostle. St. Peter, much more so than many biblical characters, is one whose ups and downs, peaks and valleys, strengths and weaknesses we see on especially public display. This poem recalls one of St. Peter’s low points, his denial of Christ.

* * *

  “Twice and Thrice”

“… This night, before the rooster crows twice, you will deny me three times.”  (Mark 14:30)

Though all shall be
Offended, I will not.
Though I should die
I will remain with Thee
Until the end.
No – no alarming cock
Will dare deny
My loyalty.  The thought
Of You, my friend,
Without myself – your rock –
Well, have no doubt.
These others – never I –
May say they know you not
And leave you, but
Three thousand roosters never could entice
Me to abandon you – so don’t think twice.


Cynthia Erlandson has had poetry published in First Things, Modern Age, Touchstone, Forward in Christ, The Book of Common Praise (hymnal of the Reformed Episcopal Church), and at The North American Anglican online. Her first volume of poetry, These Holy Mysteries, focuses on the liturgical year. Poetry copyright 2018 Cynthia Erlandson. Shared by permission of author.