Special Announcements

It’s a wonderful thing to be in such a historic church in the heart of the city, but as you well know sometimes that comes with some opportunities and changes, as major events in the city or renovations of our building come around. We want to let you know about several opportunities and changes coming up!

The NFL Draft is right around the corner, April 25-27, and it’s going to be so much fun for the city!  Free family-friendly activities all around us, and one of only three entrances is going to be just outside our bell tower door!  They are expecting hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country.  I honestly don’t know if we have ever seen anything like this in our city so concentrated around our building.

As part of the Draft activities, we are going to be having special services of prayer, open prayer, and open houses on Thursday, and Saturday of the Draft from 12-5pm for all the fans walking by.  We are inviting people to come “Pray for their team!” Or to just come in and see the building.  

We need your help!  There is a sign up sheet if you would like to participate greeting people outside on the sidewalk, handing out water and cookies, and inviting them into the church for prayer or a tour.  If you would like to take a shift please let us know by signing up outside Charlotte’s office.  We have limited parking in our back lot, so we really are looking for folks who can carpool together or families/couples who can come together.

Access to the church will also be limited.  Starting tomorrow, Jefferson will be partially closing, so just be aware there will be detours.  Similar to when the Grand Prix happens, there still will be lanes open for traffic to access the church building.  

This leads us to another challenge during the draft: 

The Parking Garage Closures

Because of all the street closings during the draft, the parking garage will be closed on Sunday, April 28th, and most likely NEXT Sunday, April 21st.  Good news is we already have a solution for you for both weeks!  The Tunnel next door is giving us 20 additional parking spots next to our small lot on the south side of the building.  We will be emailing out instructions on how to access this lot and when it will be necessary to do so.  

Please keep in mind you won’t be able to go to the underground parking garage on the weekend of the Draft (Sunday, April 28), and potentially next Sunday too.  Both Sundays you will have access to the Tunnel parking.  You will need to drive around the church, like you are going to Canada, then turn to the right to access the assigned parking spots.  You will be assisted in entering and exiting by Tunnel employees. So, no, you won’t have to go to Canada! 

Sanctuary Pews/Woodwork Restoration Scheduled

Many of you are used to construction in the building because of all the renovations we have done.   Our building is a jewel of our city and we take its stewardship very seriously.  Toward that end, we have been planning for several years now, a restoration of the pews and other woodwork in the sanctuary.  This will take 4-5 months to complete as the pews and woodwork are restored to their former beauty.  Building funds have been set aside, and renovation and restoration work is on the schedule to take place this summer. Prep work will start at the beginning of May.  The end result will be the pews having necessary repairs done to keep them safe, and the finish of these 180 year old hand crafted works of art will be restored.  In the end, I believe you will be pleased despite the inconvenience. 

This will affect us in a couple of ways.  First, we will need to protect the organ by shutting it down and putting dust protective tarps all around it.  This will mean we will not be using the organ this summer, but will still have the choir and piano lead our musical worship in the 11am service.  This will start May 12 (mother’s day) and go through September.

Second, our seating will have different arrangements week to week.  We will be working with the craftsmen each week to know what pews are usable and which are not.  They will be leaving the front pews open for as long as possible.  We have one of the best family-owned refurbishing companies in the country to do this work.  I truly believe you will be pleased and this will be a gift to generations to come in this city.  

Opportunity, not Obstacles

Rather than seeing all these things as problems, I want us to look at them in the light of opportunity!  How many churches get to have most of the city stroll by their doors while having an open house?  How many churches were given the opportunity to steward a building that people around our great city, and even the world, love and cherish.  

As for parking, I admit this is a unforeseen inconvenience, but we have developed such a good relationship with our neighbors, the Windsor Tunnel, that you actually are going to have better spots to park in for two weeks.

So praise God for all these great opportunities! Please let us know if you have any questions by calling the office at 313-259-2206.  

You can also email me at  Todd@marinerschurchofdetroit.org, or Charlotte Charlotte@marinerschurchofdetroit.org. 

Please look for the emails with instructions on how to park April 21 & 28 coming soon!

Blessings and Peace,

Rev. Todd