Mariners’ Church: Say a Prayer for Football

 Detroit, Michigan, April 15, 2024 – Perhaps one of the most prayerful times of the week, other than Sunday morning, is Sunday afternoon during football season when a fan’s team is down.  Mariners’ Church of Detroit and its pastor, Rev. Todd Meyer, is giving Detroiters and out of town visitors a chance to pray for their team in advance of the season while visiting Mariners’ during the Draft.

“Mariners’ Church started life as a House of worship for traveling mariners when the church was founded more than 180 years ago, but we now think of ourselves as a House of Prayer for all people,” says Rev. Meyer. “That includes football players, football fans, and our city. Like everyone else in Detroit we’re excited about the Draft, and we think it’s well worth taking a few minutes to pray that the Draft, the players and the entire football community, will be safe and successful this season and for years to come.

“We invite all NFL Draft attendees to come in and say a prayer for the success of the NFL draft and the safety of the season,” says Rev. Meyer. “And say a prayer for your favorite team and favorite draftees in the process. They’ll appreciate it.”

Mariners’ Church, one of the oldest buildings on the Detroit riverfront, will be open to guests on Thursday, April 25 and Saturday, April 27 from noon – 5:00 p.m. (the church is located just outside of entrance 1 of the Draft activity area). Guests are encouraged to wear their jerseys and visit the historic church for tours or simply individual prayer. Volunteers outside the church will distribute water, snacks and limited Mariners’ Church football-themed swag.

Mariners’ will offer a special Prayer Service from 2:30 – 3:00 p.m. on both days. Liturgy will include prayers for football players in general, safety for the upcoming season and for the City of Detroit. Communion will be offered to those who wish to receive it.

The theme of the Mariners activity is ‘Come pray for your team!’

“We’re encouraging visitors to wear their favorite team’s jersey, and we expect to see a lot of Honolulu Blue and Silver regalia,” Rev. Meyer said.

“Somebody once told me that the first half of Sundays in the fall should be reserved for church, and then it’s OK to spend the second half of the day on football,” Rev. Meyer said. “We’re just suggesting that combining those two ideas would be a great message for the NFL to take away from its time in Detroit. And in the process, it might shine add some perspective to the whole draft experience.”

About Mariners’ Church of Detroit:

Mariners’ Church of Detroit, a state and national historic landmark and the one of the oldest structures on the Detroit riverfront, was founded in 1842 as a place for visiting seamen from around the world to worship. Today, 182 years later, the church stands as a ‘house of prayer for all people’ and welcomes everyone who wishes to visit. The church is located at 170 E. Jefferson Avenue at the entrance to the Windsor Tunnel.  Free parking is available at the Ford Auditorium Garage immediately across Jefferson Avenue from the church. Please click here for additional details.