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St. James, Apostle and Martyr


St. James, Apostle and Martyr Today we commemorate “St. James the Greater,”differentiating him from St. James the Less – “Less” meaning not less in significance, but younger. St. James and St. John (the Apostle and Evangelist),

St. James, Apostle and Martyr2019-07-24T19:06:39-04:00

St. Benedict, Abbot


St. Benedict, Abbot This Thursday at our service of Holy Communion (12:10 p.m., directions and parking info here) we commemorate St. Benedict of Nursia. In the life of this great Saint, we see an exemplar that

St. Benedict, Abbot2019-07-09T20:58:57-04:00

“Twice and Thrice”


"Twice and Thrice" This week we have a guest post from renowned poet and Mariners' Church parishioner Cindy Erlandson. This past Sunday, we commemorated the feast day of St. Peter the Apostle. St. Peter, much more

“Twice and Thrice”2019-07-02T18:15:21-04:00

Trinity Sunday


Trinity Sunday This past Sunday we celebrated Trinity Sunday. This is a special Sunday in the Church when we remember the doctrine that there is one God in three persons. The most well-known formulation of the

Trinity Sunday2019-06-18T16:49:53-04:00

The Ancient Paths: Give


The Ancient Paths: Give This past Sunday we concluded our series on five “ancient paths” that we are commended to walk by the Book of Common Prayer, practices that are part of our “bounden duty” as

The Ancient Paths: Give2019-06-11T20:26:22-04:00

The Ancient Paths: Pray


The Ancient Paths: Pray This past Sunday we had a lovely intersection between the sermon on our fourth “bounden duty,” as members of Mariners’ Church, to “pray[…] for the spread of [God’s] kingdom,” and the Church’s

The Ancient Paths: Pray2019-06-04T22:55:20-04:00

The Ancient Paths: Work


The Ancient Paths: Work This past Sunday we covered the third of our “ancient paths,” work. The Book of Common Prayer lets us know on page 291 that part of our bounden duty as members of

The Ancient Paths: Work2019-05-29T01:19:11-04:00

The Ancient Paths: Worship


The Ancient Paths: Worship This past Sunday we talked about the second ancient path we are called to walk as members of Mariners’ Church: worship. As the novelist David Foster Wallace observed in his famed commencement

The Ancient Paths: Worship2019-05-21T21:55:53-04:00

The Ancient Paths: Follow


The Ancient Paths: Follow This past Sunday we talked about the first ancient path that we walk as members of Mariners’ Church: Following Christ. The Book of Common Prayer says on page 291 that our “bounden

The Ancient Paths: Follow2019-05-21T21:33:15-04:00

Welcome to Mariners’ New Blog


Welcome to Mariners' New Blog I am excited to welcome you to Mariners' new blog, Weekday Anchors! Media experts estimate that every day, every American adult is exposed to more than 6,000 unique pieces of information.

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