Welcome to Mariners’ New Blog

I am excited to welcome you to Mariners’ new blog, Weekday Anchors!

Media experts estimate that every day, every American adult is exposed to more than 6,000 unique pieces of information. Information is thrown at us all the time, from every direction, in person, through the radio, on TV, on our computers and smartphones. In the midst of this torrent of information, it is often hard during the week to find the “still waters” that our souls experience in worship on Sunday morning.

That is where Weekday Anchors comes in. Every Tuesday afternoon, we will be posting a “tiny truth” from our Christian faith for you to hold onto and take with you throughout the week. It might be an excerpt from the Sunday sermon, a quote from one of the Saints or great theologians, or explaining the significance of a Christian belief or part of the liturgy. The goal is to give you something to remember and help tune into God throughout the week, an “anchor” in the midst of the sometimes turbulent waters of day-to-day life.

I’m grateful to be on the journey with you!

Grace and Peace,

Fr. Jeff

What would make a difference for YOU? Is there a question you have about Christian faith and practice, or a topic you would like to see covered? Feel free to reach out with your suggestions!