A Word of Thanksgiving

As we reach the end of Summer and beginning of Fall, we want to pause a minute and examine what this season has been like. We like to look back and see what we can learn from the past, let our hearts be filled with hope and expectation for the future, and take a moment to be present and acknowledge what God is doing right now. It’s a good practice that we encourage you to engage in your own personal life.

As a church,  Mariners’ has a rich history to be proud of and a wonderful church family that continues to grow. In our first few months here, Christiane and I feel very blessed to be part of this family! There are members at Mariners’, who have been at this church their whole lives. You don’t find that in many places. There is a rich history of service here, and so much to be thankful for. As we continue to honor that history, we look forward to growing our impact in this city and making a difference as followers of Christ.

For the moment, I’d like you join me in a prayer of thanksgiving for all that God has done. I want to highlight the faithfulness of the trustees and their spouses, along with Deacon Frank and Lindsay, Charlotte, Kathy, Kenneth and a host of volunteers and others, who have not just held the church together, but moved us forward during a difficult time without a Rector.

I also count as a privilege to witness the care and dedication of so many for this building, especially all the effort involved in restoring it to its original form with the spires. After over 120 years, they are pointing to heaven again!

Talking about a history of service, our dear Kevin is celebrating 30 years as our associate organist and choirmaster on Sunday, September 17th. Congratulations, Kevin! We are very appreciative of your amazing work. Also, we have one of the best Bible teachers giving rich lessons every Sunday. Thank you, Dan and Peggy Lewis! We also want to thank our new and long time volunteers and acolytes, who make it possible for us to have a beautiful service every Sunday. We are grateful for every one who signed up to volunteer at different ministries on our first ever flash ministry fair, during our well attended and fun church picnic this past July. We will be creating more opportunities to expand service, and encourage more of you to get involved.

As your pastor, I’m very grateful for the privilege of Baptisms this Fall, and  welcoming some of you as members of the Body of Christ and our local church family! As God continues to grow us slowly, we desire a healthy and robust relationship with Him – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and with one another.

As we look towards the Fall, I want us to continue to look within and ask God where He wants to grow us personally, and as a community that represents Him well. This coming Sunday, Christiane and I will be teaching together, in between services for the next three weeks, as we gather with some younger couples while their children have their own teaching time with our children ministers.

We will also be having dinners that will encourage deep relationships with each other, and with those in our neighborhoods and communities. Our own annual dinner next month will be a great celebration! I’m excited to take part in this Mariners’ tradition and share a few words as your 20th Rector, as we continue to cast vision for the future.

Be aware that the outreach team is planning open houses, meet and greets with businesses and government officials, and events that will draw people into our building, and more importantly into relationship with our community. Please, be prayerful about these opportunities!

I love that we do continue to move forward at Mariners’. We honor our past, but do not dwell on it. I love that people are willing to listen to God and follow in His footsteps. Thank you for a wonderful first couple of months together. Christiane and I look forward to many many years together with you!

We pray a blessing over you and your families! Join us in praying for the Greater Detroit Metro Area and how we can take part in bringing more of Heaven to this piece of Earth!

Blessings and peace,

Rev. Todd