Doing Lent Together

I want to share with you an opportunity during the Lenten season that gives me great excitement!  Lent starts on February 14th with Ash Wednesday.  Whether you are in snowy Detroit, ‘wintering in Florida’ or somewhere in between, we want to gather both in-person and online during Lent to pray and study.  These 40 days of Lent are will be an opportunity to grow in our faith together.

Our guide through this season will be a devotional book called Show me the way” by Henri Nouwen.  We have this daily devotional guide available for you before Lent begins, or you can order one yourself.

The primary goal is to deepen our walk through prayer and praying the Scriptures. As Henri Nouwen says; ‘Praying means above all listening to the voice of Jesus, who dwells in the depths of the heart. Jesus does not force himself on us, his voice is reserved. Whatever we may do in our lives, let us never fail to listen to the voice of the Lord in our hearts. Because in our restless, noisy world the loving voice of God is easily drowned out. Each day let’s keep a certain period of time free for this active listening to God, even if it’s only ten minutes.  Spending ten minutes every day exclusively on Jesus can change our lives from the ground up.’ (Forward, pg 9, “Show me the way”, Nouwen)

So what is this opportunity to grow and be challenged in our love and intimacy with God during Lent?

Here are the details:

We are going to be gathering Wednesday nights (6:30-7:30) for five weeks between Ash Wednesday and Easter in person and online. (Feb 21,28, March 6,13,20).   We will be in-person at the church in the Trustee Room praying, studying the scriptures, and encouraging each other to listen to God and what he wants to say. If you can’t make it t o downtown Detroit, we will also be sending out an online link, to those who sign up, so you can join us from home and be in on the discussion and prayer.

If you regularly attend Mariners Church, sign up outside Charlotte’s office and pick up a book. (Suggested donation of $10.00).  You can also reply to this email and ask for us to reserve a book for you.  Let us know if you are coming in-person or joining online (or a hybrid of both).

If you are out of town, reply to this email and let me know that you will be joining us remotely.  We will be sending out a zoom link each week.  If we have never met, I’m looking forward to talking and getting to know each other.

I’m praying all of us experience the time of Lent as preparation of our hearts for an extraordinary Easter celebration. Spending this time together, and growing our love for God and one another will make it all the more special.

Please, reach out if you have any questions. Looking forward to what God has prepared for us to walk in.

Blessings and Peace,

Rev. Todd and Dr. Christiane