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Theology on Tap

Theology on Tap _Page_1“Theology on Tap” is meeting every Wednesday from 6-8 pm at Grand Trunk Pub on Woodward near Congress in Detroit.  Our current discussions are centered around theologians like Dietrich Bonhoffer and Francis of Assissi and many others.  We share our thoughts on such questions as “When do we pray and to whom,  (God, Christ)?”

Please join us.

Navy League Sunday

Another successful Navy League Sunday! We had a record number of Sea Cadets and many visitors as well. The two Navy Sea Cadet Corps training ships, the Grayfox and the Pride of Michigan were available tours after the service. I’ve included a couple of pictures (courtesy of the Detroit News) below and you can see even more in the Sea cadets mark Navy League Sunday gallery.

Sea Cadets enter Mariners' Church

Cadets, officers, and guests attend the annual Navy League Sunday service at Mariners' Church of Detroit

Cmdr. Peter Egeli

Cmdr. Peter Egeli talks about the demanding highly coveted jobs available in the Navy

Mariners’ Church of Detroit Hosts the 36th Annual Navy League Sunday

An anticipated 80 uniformed teenage Sea Cadets will be at the helm and onboard two Navy Sea Cadet Corps training ships, the Grayfox and the Pride of Michigan, as they sail into Detroit Sunday (May 1) for the 36th annual Navy League Sunday at Mariners’ Church of Detroit. The annual event, organized in conjunction with the Detroit Women’s Council of the Navy League of the United States, honors the youth in the Sea Cadet Corps, and is sponsored by several Navy League Councils of both the U.S. and Canada.

The Sea Cadet program teaches young men and women everything from scrubbing the decks to repairing the engines of the former navy ships on which they train. The military-style training and discipline give the Cadets added purpose in their lives. More than two-thirds of Sea Cadet graduates have moved on to higher levels of training and education. In addition the enrolling in ROTC programs at colleges and universities, former Sea Cadets have gone on to graduate from the Naval and Coast Guard Academies. Others have enlisted directly into the Navy, Coast Guard, or Marine Corps.

“The Navy League celebration is a real highlight of the Mariners’ Church year,” said Rev. Richard W. Ingalls, Jr., Rector of the church and Chaplain of both the Grayfox and the Pride of Michigan. “It’s fun to see these young men and women in their dress blues, standing at attention on the deck with the flags blowing in the breeze. And it’s especially worthwhile because many of these kids are from at-risk backgrounds and the Sea Cadet program gives them a new sense of purpose and hope and pride.”

The Pride of Michigan will leave its berth on the Clinton River, and the Grayfox will steam out of Port Huron, early Sunday morning, arriving at Hart Plaza at approximately 9:30 a.m. The church service will begin at 11 a.m. Commander Peter Egeli, USN, Commanding Officer of the Michigan Navy Recruiting District, will speak during the service and the cadets will conduct tours of the vessels following the service. The public is invited to attend both the church service and the tours.

Mariners’ Church is a state and national historic landmark, and is the oldest structure on the Detroit riverfront. The church is located at 170 E. Jefferson Avenue at the entrance to the Windsor Tunnel. Free parking is available in the Ford Auditorium Underground Garage. Entrance to the Garage is in the median strip of Jefferson Avenue, at Woodward Avenue.

Fox News Article and Video

Fr. Rich is back from his 3-day trip to Whitefish Point on the shore of Lake Superior. He was interviewed by Lauren Green, the Chief Religion Correspondent for Fox News Channel, and reports that she was a delight to work with. A bit of his interview with her was aired on Fox News shortly before noon today. (He got calls from all over the country, mostly from former parishioners, telling him how delightfully shocked they were to see him on national TV!)

When you have a moment, check out the The EDMUND FITZGERALD, Beyond the MYSTERY, a STRENGTHENING FAITH article and the included short video.

Update: Fox News has added the following additional video, What Sank the Edmund Fitzgerald?

Mariners’ Church featured in HOUR Detroit Magazine

Mariners’ is featured in the November 2010 issue of HOUR Detroit magazine, in a wonderful article by George Bulanda. The article does a great job summarizing our history including the move of the church, our support of the Great Lakes community, and our diverse congregation. We think you’ll enjoy reading it.

The article is on HOUR Detroit’s site, and is available here in PDF format as well.