Through the love of God, we see Mariners’ Church impacting peoples’ lives for good, for His glory. First, our own lives are increasingly connected with the life of Christ through our worship, learning and fellowship; as that happens, we serve our families and the greater Detroit community in ways that make a lasting difference. We envision Mariners’ as a tangible uniter, through God’s grace, of churches and community.

As we engage with the Author of both the Great Commandment to love, and the Great Commission to make disciples, we see Mariners’ Church as an effective ambassador–with specific roles–to Metro Detroit, to the great inland seas, and to the world.

We see that God is faithful to His promises and that His mercies are new every morning. Were we to think that our parish could do any good apart from God and His love, that would be the height of presumption. But because of His love, His power, and His faithfulness; we can, and do, bring his tangible love to others. And that makes all the difference in the world; spiritually, socially, and culturally.

We see a permanent place for traditional biblical worship in the life of the Church. By safeguarding the integrity of timeless Scriptural liturgy, we serve foremost the King, but also other Christians and churches who can use anchors–“great rocks of remembrance”–of Christ-centered sacramental worship.

We recognize that our priorities are misplaced if we don’t love those who are outcast in society and/or unchurched. Nevertheless, we also see our priorities are misplaced if we’re focused more on what pleases people than what pleases God.

We pray with the Psalmist that “In thy light, O Lord, may we see light.”

May our Lord keep refining our vision of Him, that we may increasingly follow His example to sacrifically love in thought, word, and deed.

Great is His faithfulness!