In addition to its land-based ministries, Mariners’ Church has many ministries to serve the Great Lakes maritime community. For example, Fr. Rich is the Chaplain of the International Ship Masters’ Association (ISMA), Detroit Lodge No. 7.

Mariners’ also hosts the Blessing of the Fleet (March 13, 2011) and the Great Lakes Memorial (November 13, 2011), both of which involve significant ISMA participation.

This week, the Detroit Lodge is hosting the Annual Grand Lodge Convention which attracts Ship Masters from all the major ports of the Great Lakes system.

Fr. Rich gave the following invocation at a recent ISMA dinner:

Invocation for the ISMA Dinner, January 25, 2011

Let us pray.
Almighty God, we thank you for our many blessings: for another day of divine mercies; for opportunities to serve you and our country; and for our good land and great waters which you have given us for our heritage.

As a people grateful for the blessings of our freedom, grant us grace fearlessly to contend against evil, and to make no peace with oppression; and, that we may reverently use our freedom, help us to employ it in the maintenance of justice among men and nations.

We thank you for the honorable service and dedicated leadership of those who serve as officers of the International Ship Masters Association, and especially those who serve the Detroit Lodge No. 7. And we also remember, with gratitude, all those who have been active participants in the life and legacy of the ISMA throughout its long history. And we ask you to bless and guide all those who will continue the good works and service of our association during the years to come.

Now we ask you to bless this food to our use, and us to your service. And make us ever mindful of the needs of others, through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.