Worship & Liturgy


Whatever your church, whatever your faith, whatever your nation, we welcome you to Mariners’ Church, which serves as a “House of Prayer for All People.”

Communion1Here we participate in heart-felt, formal worship that honors tradition by placing God foremost in our thoughts and recounting the glorious gift and timeless meaning of our Lord Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Many parishioners testify that this kind of traditional service seems more authentic to them and brings them closer to God.


Jesus said, “Do this in remembrance of me.” So we are called upon to be participants in worship, not as an audience to be entertained. The word “liturgy” is derived from the Greek word for “work of the people.” At Mariners’, we use the liturgy of the 1662/1928 Book of Common Prayer.

28PrayerBook2aThe Holy Communion Service of the traditional Book of Common Prayer offers us several very real and living benefits.  Its prayers summarize the whole of traditional understanding of God, of the human condition, of salvation through faith in the eternal Son of God as revealed in the Gospels.  Its selections of Epistle readings give us comprehensive teachings from the writings of Christ’s Apostles, and impart to us the doctrines and theology which flow from those teachings. Which liturgy is used is terribly important for the understanding of the religion and the spiritual health of believers.

Many people who have come into our parish have experienced the joy of drawing closer to faith, to a connection with God, precisely because they methodically and regularly participated in the Liturgy, and learned from it. The Liturgy instructs us, and can therefore be instrumental in leading to an understanding of faith.  Our direct and personal connection with God grows out of our experience with the Liturgy.