Sermons and Teaching


Following the King James Bible and the 1662/1928 Book of Common Prayer, the Sermons (Homilies) and other teachings from Mariners’ Church remain true to the ancient Faith.

bibleOpen1We love modern people, yet we do not change the perfectly trustworthy Scriptures to fit modern trends and the latest fads of society. Rather, we seek to be transformed ourselves into the timeless, loving likeness of Christ – as set forth in Scripture. As Jesus Christ himself taught that the Bible was true, life-giving and authoritative, we choose not to contradict Him, and do our best to follow His example.

Sunday School Teaching

ChapelAt 11:00 am on Sundays children participate in learning and a Children’s Service that takes place in the Children’s Chapel on the lower level of the church next to the modern classrooms. This participation teaches them the order of service and prepares them for attendance at the adult service.